Online Reservation Check List

Wait for the opening time. If you enter the system early, you will be unsuccessful at the final step.

Enter arrival and departure dates

Number of persons

Choose purpose of stay (NimbleFingers Bluegrass and Old Time Music)

Accommodation Type –Leave ”show all Accommodation types” to show your choices

Press Search

Your options will appear – If what you are hoping for does not appear, it is not available for the dates you have selected

Find your choice – if you are staying with someone who has booked please choose that option. Do not book an additional accommodation if someone else is booking it. 

You may put special requests into the comment box.  i.e. lodge preference, site preference etc. As these are time stamped, we will award requests based on priority placement.

Press Book it

Enter guest info one guest at a time. If you have been to Sorrento Centre before, you can enter just your name and email and it will find you. Enter the name you wish to see on a nametag

Enter your birthdate – we don’t care if it is real as long as you make an adult, an adult and a child, a child. (The options that show up for you are age category specific)

The choices of events -Workshops, festival passes, and chance to donate to the bursary can all be chosen on the next screen. They are age specific.

Next page is meals – the amounts shown are reflective of the dates of your stay- choose a meal package that matches your duration of stay – if you are staying for the festival, please also choose festival meals.

Agree to terms


Enter either Mastercard or Visa number. The system will take $100 per adult.  When we are able to confirm your reservation, we will process the balance of payment on the same card before sending you confirmation. 

There is a cancellation fee applied if cancellation occurs. Please consider trip insurance.

You are welcome to phone but… we will not be able to answer as quickly as the system takes reservations.  We will do our best, and appreciate your patience. We will not answer the phone before 9 AM and will set the link to open at 9 PST.  

Please do not phone to check on an online reservation – we have it, we are just dealing with large volumes and will respond within 24 hours.