Sorrento Centre & NimbleFingers Music Pet Policy

*Note from NimbleFingers - Thanks everyone for working together on this. We appreciate everyone's feedback on the evaluation sheets and via email. There are participants in camp who are allergic, afraid, or really just do not like being around dogs, and it's important for us to provide a space that is welcoming to everyone. Unless your dog absolutely has to come with you, we urge you to consider leaving it at home, especially if it’s a large breed.

Many Thanks! Sorrento Centre and NimbleFingers Music

We welcome you and your pet as our guests for NimbleFingers Music Workshop and Festival at Sorrento Centre.

As there is a limited number of pet friendly sites at Sorrento Centre and to ensure we will be able to accommodate you, we recommend informing us at time of booking that you are travelling with your pet.

There is a daily fee of $10.00 per day per pet [cabanas] and $5.00 per day per pet in the camp ground. Each space has a limit of 2 pets.

  • We appreciate that your pet is a member of your family, however we must also remember to keep the comfort and safety of other guests and our staff in mind. It is our top priority that all guests enjoy their stay so please abide by the following guideline:

  • Pets are only permitted in the reserved cabanas, in RV and tent sites.

  • Pets are not permitted in the kitchen, dining room, lodges, beach, Kekuli or in classes or workshops. Leashed and haltered service dogs are welcome.

  • Pets must be on a leash or in a carrier at all times when on Centre property, except while in your RV or tent

  • Always pick up after your pet! Please respect the Centre grounds and surrounding properties by picking up after your pet. Should your pet have any accidents on the premises, please clean up
    after him or her promptly or ask for assistance to do so. Disposal bags are available at the front desk at no extra charge and are to be placed in outdoor garbage receptacles only.
    Owners are responsible for the behaviour of their pets at all times and they are financially responsible for any damages to Sorrento Centre caused by their pet. Animals that pose a risk to other guests will be asked to leave.

Many Thanks! Sorrento Centre and NimbleFingers Music