Intermediate Dobro with Kyle Kirkpatrick


In this Intermediate Dobro class, we will focus on essential techniques to refine your playing and the art of building a solo. We will look at specific right and left hand techniques/exercises for your dobro practice and how to apply them when playing a tune. We’ll also look at important rhythm techniques when playing in traditional bluegrass bands as well as smaller due/trio formats. For perfecting your soloing on the Dobro, the class will go over some fundamentals for improvising (i.e. scales, patterns, licks, learning a melody by ear) and how to build the perfect solo. This will be a hands-on learning experience so come prepared to play, take some risks and have fun!

Kyle Kirkpatrick is a prominent fixture of the Toronto Bluegrass scene, performing regularly with different artists as well as his primary group, The Barrel Boys. Audiences know him for his high-energy, gritty style that captivates audiences. An accomplished instrumentalist, Kyle takes the foundations of traditional dobro playing and brings it into the modern string-band landscape. In addition to his instrumental skills, Kyle is also a talented vocalist, and up and coming songwriter, showcasing his lasted original material on The Barrel Boy’s 2017 album “Cold Spring.”

In addition to being an excellent performer, Kyle is also a very skilled and sought after music educator. Kyle has been working as a professional music educator for 9 years. Specializing in Guitar and Dobro, Kyle has worked both privately as well as for a number of Toronto Music Schools, teaching both young students as well as adults. Kyle is known for connecting with students and working with a variety of skill levels. His warm sense of humour and engaging playing make workshops and lessons a delight.

We’re looking forward to having you at NimbleFingers, Kyle!

The Barrel Boys