Intermediate Bass with Alastair Whitehead

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In this class we will work towards reinforcing the fundamentals of good bluegrass bass playing, helping students to solidify the foundations, while giving them the tools to take their bass playing to the next level. We will focus on developing proper technique, crafting bass lines, working on time feel, ear training, and basic music theory as it relates to playing the bass. Starting from the bottom up we will work on the basic principals of crafting simple effective bass lines, and using that as a building block we will explore the roles of the bass in various musical contexts. We will delve into walking bass lines, playing melodies on the bass, simple approaches to soloing, playing along with recordings, effective practicing, jamming with others/ear training and basic music theory. This class is perfect for the intermediate bass player looking to revisit the foundations of their playing, while learning the tools and habits needed to expand their musical horizons to become a more comfortable, well rounded, and competent bassist. 

Alastair Whitehead is a bassist, songwriter, and teacher based in Toronto, Canada. Alastair started his career at a young age playing bass in the local clubs and theatres of his hometown St John’s Newfoundland. After several years cutting his teeth in the vibrant Newfoundland music scene, Alastair moved to Toronto to pursue a degree in jazz performance at Ontario’s prestigious Humber College. 

Since then Alastair has earned a reputation in the thriving Toronto roots scene, touring across Canada, the U.S., Europe, and as far as the Middle East with some of Canada’s finest musicians. 

Alastair co-leads Ontario’s acclaimed bluegrass outfit, the Slocan Ramblers as well as working regularly as a side man at home in Toronto. Along with an active performing schedule Alastair works regularly teaching bass, and has taught across North America at camps such as, Rocky Grass, Nimble Fingers, Northern Lights, and camp He Ho Ha. 

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