Guitar 101 with Kayla Hotte


In Guitar 101, we'll focus on both the bluegrass and old time genres of music. We'll work on playing chords, as well as learning how to pick out simple, melody-based solos. We're going to learn about our roles while jamming, playing in bands, and accompanying singers. This class will delve into the often under-appreciated art that is rhythm guitar playing, and there will be lots of singing throughout.

To get the most out of Guitar 101, you are encouraged to be able to play the G, C, and D chord shapes and be able to switch between them somewhat fluently. Capos are recommended.

Edmonton, Alberta, based Kayla Hotte is certainly one of the fresher faces of bluegrass music. But don't let her age and innocence appearance fool you - this girl is a force to be reckoned with.

A graduate of Grant MacEwan University's music program, as well as the IBMA's Leadership Bluegrass program, Hotte is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who plays guitar, mandolin and fiddle.

Hotte's love of music was born at a young age and she's been performing for almost as long as she's been walking and talking. "I grew up playing bluegrass music. My whole family plays," she explains. Her musical career began with playing in a family bluegrass band and, as soon as she was old enough to do so, she started up her own group called Bluegrass Angels. That band eventually morphed into another called Shortgrass, then Kayla and Erin Show then Kayla Hotte and Her Rodeo Pals. Currently, Kayla has been playing in a duo with her brother and musical partner, Matt Hotte. 

Kayla and Matt Hotte