Advanced Flatpicking Guitar with Darryl Poulsen


Advanced Guitar workshop: In this class we will be working on flat picking techniques for fiddle melodies, bluegrass instrumentals and breaks to vocals songs. We will learn about the modes of the major scales and how they relate to the chords of a given key and how to use them to improvise. Bluegrass tempos can be very fast and often hard to keep up so we will work on tempo and techniques while playing fast. You’ll have the opportunity to practice to a metronome, improving your timing, tone, scales and leads to different bluegrass and fiddle tunes. There will be some hand-outs (Tab) but we will learn a lot by ear. We will also be looking at some of the great lead guitar players such as Clarence White, Tony Rice, Doc Watson and others.  This workshop will teach you how to improvise over breaks and fiddle tunes while keeping up with the banjo, fiddle and mandolin.

Darryl Poulsen is a professional Canadian musician, born in Alliston, Ontario. He was naturally drawn to music and began avidly playing guitar at a young age. He went on to study jazz at Humber College under the tutelage of Ted Quinlan and Don Thompson, during which time he was awarded for his outstanding achievements. Since then, Darryl has thoroughly immersed himself within Toronto’s music scene. He has made a name for himself as a guitarist, both acoustic and electric, who is highly sought after as a performer, teacher, and session artist. Well versed in a large variety of genres, Darryl found his true passion in bluegrass and has garnered a great deal of success with the international touring band, the Slocan Ramblers.

Slocan Ramblers