Songwriting with Eli West


Building a song from any level: Starting with fun and explorative creative writing exercises, we will help each other to build on themes. Approachable conversations around accessibility and authenticity will also help in our creative decision making.
In addition, listening sessions to older recordings will help us identify cultural appropriation and cyclical meaning, what the listener hears, as well as timelessness.

Eli West is a Seattle based multi-instrumentalist. With an interest in angular phrasing and non-traditional improvisation within the historic precedents of bluegrass and old-time music, his guitar playing has been called both unique and strong.   He has released a solo record in 2016 including duets with Bill Frisell and John Reischman, and three records as half of the new/old-time duo Cahalen Morrison and Eli West.  He also collaborates with Ben Winship, Joe Walsh, Norwegian fiddler Olav Mjelva, and others.  

Eli grew up on the receiving end of music camps, and so it feels quite right to come full circle, teaching now at camps including RockyGrass, Targhee, Centrum VoiceWorks and NimbleFingers.

Eli West
Video - Brick in the Road