Intermediate Flatpicking Guitar with John Lowell

John Lowell.jpg

I’ll be teaching Intermediate Flatpicking Guitar during the first week of NimbleFingers. The topics that we’ll cover will be many and varied. Of course there will be the licks, runs, and fiddle tunes taught by ear with tablature to back it up, but we’ll cover much more. We’ll talk about rhythm playing, timing, right hand technique, timing, taste, tonality, and don’t forget timing. In short, we’ll be working on things to make you a better musician, not just a better flat picker. But most importantly, we’ll play. A lot. Jokes are a good thing as well.

John Lowell’s musical journey began when he crept into his older sister’s room when he was 12 years old to play her guitar.  Since that time, he’s gone on to become a triple threat – he’s a clean, dynamic guitar player, a clear voiced singer and a respected songwriter.  He’s lived for many years in Southwest Montana, carving out a music career while living in the mountains of the Yellowstone ecosystem. John’s first endeavor on the guitar was learning John Denver songs, but upon meeting a classmate that played the banjo while in high school, he was bit by the bluegrass bug.  While he still enjoys playing bluegrass, his tastes have expanded to most types of acoustic music. John is in great demand as a teacher in the US, Canada, Europe and the UK, and travels abroad to all those countries often to teach at music camps and to tour.  

John Lowell