Guitar 101 with Nadine Landry

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Expect to play a lot in this class! We'll work on chords, strumming patterns, ear training and basic music theory. We'll play breakdowns, two-steps, and waltzes, we'll talk about chord progressions, Nashville number system and then we'll do some more playing! We'll incorporate bass runs to our strums and we'll work on providing good rhythm for singers and melody instruments. We'll explore old time, bluegrass and old country rhythms. This class will be targeted to the participants' needs, in hopes that by the end of week, you'll head home inspired and equipped with tools to play with others and have a good ol' time!

Nadine Landry was born and raised in a musical family on the Gaspe Peninsula on the east coast of Quebec. Equally comfortable on guitar and upright bass, she has leant her talents to various bands ranging from old time to honky tonk to swing and Cajun. Described as deeply passionate and powerful, her voice has been capturing the hearts of fans across North America, Ireland, England, Scandinavia and Australia. She's here this week with Foghorn Stringband, and her hubby Sammy Lind. 

Welcome back, Nadine!

Foghorn Stringband
Nadine and Sammy