Beginning/Intermediate Mandolin with John Reischman


In this class we will work to improve your playing in all aspects of bluegrass mandolin. We will focus on everything from creating a strong rhythmic accompaniment, progressing from two finger chords to full chops, to clean single note fiddle tune style playing, to double stops that work well in bluegrass songs. 

We'll start with the basics, focusing on simple, but interesting fiddle tunes, with an emphasis on tone and timing. Many of these fiddle tunes will come from the repertoire of Bill Monroe's fiddling Uncle Pen. These are likely the first tunes Big Mon himself learned. Well also have a look at the bluesy component of bluegrass music by learning Evening Prayer Blues. We may also add to your repertoire by learning bluegrass standards like Scotland and Lonesome Moonlight Waltz.

*Note from NimbleFingers - this class is geared for strong beginners and up. If you’re right out of the gate, All Instruments Sing and Strum with Jenny Lester is your best bet!*

As one of the acoustic worldʼs top-ranked mandolin players and composers, Vancouver based veteran artist John Reischman is renowned for his exquisite taste, tone and impeccable musicianship. His mastery of the instrument is showcased today in the powerful bluegrass band John Reischman and the Jaybirds, and his melodic Latin/jazz instrumental duo with highly regarded acoustic guitar stylist John Miller.

A familiar figure at bluegrass, folk and jazz festivals, John is also a highly-regarded workshop leader and participates in music camps (including NimbleFingers!) and workshops throughout
North America and England.

John Reischman
John Reischman and The Jaybirds