Band Lab with Anne Louise Genest

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This comprehensive Adventures in Band Lab workshop for intermediate players will focus on repertoire and skill development for solo and ensemble playing. Working with material from both bluegrass and oldtime traditions, we’ll take songs and tunes and workshop them from A to Z. How do we choose repertoire? What makes a song resonate with us? How do we interpret it and make it our own? How do we develop it for performance, whether it’s for the stage or for the living room? What are the roles of different instruments in the context of ensemble playing? How do we communicate with each other and work effectively in a band context? How does a solo player deliver “the goods”? What to do when there are three guitars and no mandolin? These are some examples of the ideas we’ll focus on as we play together. We’ll form bands within the class and focus on particular songs, working them up from start to finish and sharing with each other in a safe and supportive “band lab” context. The week will also include a series of mini-workshops to give you tools to develop your skills as a solo and ensemble player, such as lead and vocal harmony, solo and backup playing on different instruments, stagecraft, working the mic, and more! 

If you’re ready to try something a little different at NimbleFingers, and want to apply and develop your musical skills in a broader context than single instrument study this workshop is for you.

Vancouver Island based Anne Louise Genest, who performs under the stage name Annie Lou, has been touring festivals and stages nationally and internationally for several years. With banjo and guitar in hand, she invites us in to the joyful marriage of old and new music, where we laugh, cry, dance, reflect and connect. Her ballads, tunes, and songs are painted with a palette of oldtime folk and bluegrass, and her vocal warmth blends the sweet tones of the McGarrigles with the raw emotion of Hazel Dickens. A storyteller at heart with several acclaimed albums under her belt, Anne Louise maps the homescapes of our lives and times in the world, shining a warm light on the hard ones as well as the good ones.

A Juno and multiple CFMA and WCMA nominee, she is committed to sharing the joy of music through teaching in both individual and group settings. She is a familiar face at many music workshops across the country, where she has taught vocals, guitar, songwriting, and clawhammer banjo. She loves to teach, and to learn, and shares her delight with her students in an accessible and supportive environment. 

Annie Lou
Annie Lou- Tried and True- Video