Advanced Flatpicking Guitar with Evan Murphy

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Bluegrass guitar can seem daunting, but with some analysis of proper technique in the right and left hand it can be incredibly fun and rewarding. In this class we'll study the acoustic guitar's role in bluegrass from the perspective of rhythm / accompaniment as well as lead or solo playing. We'll examine how the guitar can imitate other bluegrass instruments rhythmically by diving deep into the bass element of the guitar, the subdivided eighth note patterns that give rhythm playing its driving pulse, and the powerful runs that punctuate the ends of rhythmic phrases. We'll look at alternate picking exercises, how to build solos starting with the melody, and how to develop them. We'll explore improvisation and ways to challenge yourself when you're feeling stuck. Students will come away from this class with a deeper understanding of bluegrass guitar from all angles.

Evan Murphy was raised in Milton, MA. He received his degree in music from Boston College and spent several years after graduating in New York City where he studied bluegrass guitar with Grammy-Nominated artists Michael Daves and Chris Eldridge. When Evan moved back to Boston in 2014 he cofounded Mile Twelve alongside some of the musicians who inspire him most. He now plays full time with them and teaches privately from his home in South Boston. Evan was featured at the International Bluegrass Music Association’s Songwriter Showcase in 2018 and was nominated for a momentum award as Vocalist of the Year

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