Advanced Bass with Nate Sabat

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By breaking down the role of the bass into four sections -- tone, timing, note choice, and rhythmic variation -- this class will gain a deeper knowledge of and clearer approach to bluegrass and old-time bass playing.The bassist plays a continuous melody throughout each song; a cohesive, singular idea that can grow and influence the arch of the music in subtle ways. By focusing on new and interesting melodic, harmonic and rhythmic options, students will have a wide variety of tools to do just this.

Born-and-raised in New York City, Nate Sabat is a bassist, vocalist, songwriter, and arranger currently based in Somerville, Massachusetts. He attended LaGuardia High School as a vocal principal and went on to study upright bass at the Berklee College of Music. He has performed on stages throughout Europe, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and the United States. With his ability to pay close attention to detail and quickly internalize musical form and feeling, Nate has become an in-demand sideman both on stage and in the studio. He has worked with artists such as fiddle maestro Darol Anger, banjo legend Tony Trischka, bassist/composer Bruno Raberg, gypsy-jazz musicians Albert Bello and Oriol Saña, Canadian rock band Fish & Bird and singer-songwriter Jenny Ritter. Nate has written vocal music for NPR's Radio Lab, written string arrangements for the Heifetz International Music Institute, and written songs that are in rotation on Sirius XM’s Bluegrass Junction channel. The debut project under his own name, Walking Away, was released on November 30th, 2018. At the core a rock project, it draws from influences as wide as the Stanley Brothers, Dvořák, Joni Mitchell and XTC.

Nate is here this week with his band Mile Twelve

Mile Twelve