2019 Workshop Bursary Form

 Our Bursary fund is ever fluctuating, and as we receive funds we're able to distribute them out to applicants. We review the applications on a bi-weekly basis. You can either register and pay in full, with hopes of being awarded funds, in which case we will issue a full or partial refund, OR, you can wait to see if you received funding to register. We try to split up our bursaries ever year  - some funds towards young players, some for new to NimbleFingers types, and some to folks who have come for many years and are just having a tight year. 

We'd like to thank all of the generous bursary donations we received last year. We're very grateful to be able to pass this along to those who need it most. 

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If my application is accepted, I would be happy to volunteer for small jobs during the workshop * (e.g. concert setup, moving chairs, helping with copy machine, posting notices, etc.) *