Advanced Flatpicking Guitar with Craig Young

In this Advanced Flatpicking Guitar workshop we'll be looking at the finer points of flatpicking, concentrating on lead lines and improvisation, learning how to insert "bluesy" licks and riffs in traditional bluegrass and country using the stylings of Tony Rice and David Grier. We will work on building solos, learning how to take a melodic idea and use and reuse in a solo of a song or a fiddle tune.  Looking at the right hand techniques of crosspicking and alternating picking, and finding the right balance between technique and feel. Lots of discussion and examples of scales and chords,  and how to incorporate in a solo.

As an electric player for many years, I have learned how to incorporate double stops into flatpicking and will also be discussing and demonstrating this in length. We will also learn some great exercises that have come to me over the years, and use them to help improve timing, speed, and tone. 

Students should have some knowledge of basic flatpicking and should be able to play a standard fiddle tune or two, and have a basic understanding of the neck of the guitar and chords. Students should have some experience in playing in a group setting. Be ready to jam! Make sure to have a capo, tuner,  along with your trusty Dreadnought. A good idea to have some sort of recorder as well, either audio or video is fine with me for future reference. I will be using tablature for teaching, so it would be a good idea to be familiar with that system. I look forward to questions, because I love to talk about guitar, so feel free to bring up anything concerning the guitar.

Craig Young hails from the southwest coast of Newfoundland and Labrador. He's been playing the guitar since the age of seven, and started playing in the church youth choir band at the age of 12, then then played in his 1st rock n' roll and country band at the age 14!

Young has lots of experience in backing up songs and singers, as well as using the guitar as a solo instrument. Living in Nashville TN for nearly a decade, gave Young experience in bluegrass and country music both with the electric and acoustic. During this time (1999-2009) Young worked as a sideman, but focused on the flattop guitar and writing songs.

 Craig has won four CCMA awards for The Canadian Country Music Association All Star Band- Guitarist category. His album “Back Home” won the 2011 MusicNL(Newfoundland and Labrador) Country Album/Artist of the year. His most recent album, titled "Black Diamond Strings"  won the MusicNL award for Country in 2013. Following was a collaboration with guitar slinging Gypsy Jazzer Duane Andrews titled "Charlie's Boogie" which won ECMA (East Coast Music Association Traditional Instrumental Album of the Year 2014, and MusicNL Instrumental Album of the Year (2014). 

Craig now lives and performs Country and Bluegrass music in the St. John's Newfoundland area, and teaches at a school in Paradise, called New Wave Music.


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