Lets Jam!:
Keith Yoder

Guitar 101:
Kayla Hotte

Intermediate Old-Time
Rhythm Guitar:
Reeb Willms

Intermediate Flatpicking Guitar:
Jarrod Walker

Advanced Flatpicking Guitar:
Eli West

Intermediate Bluegrass Banjo:
Isaac Callender

Advanced Bluegrass Banjo:
Matt Hotte

Intermediate Clawhammer Banjo:
Chris Coole

Advanced Clawhammer Banjo
Mark Schatz

Intermediate Bass:
Patrick Metzger

Intermediate Dobro:
Billy Cardine

Intermediate Bluegrass Fiddle:
Trent Freeman

Advanced Bluegrass Fiddle:
Bryan McDowell

Intermediate Old-Time Fiddle:
Rosalyn Dennett

Advanced Old-Time Fiddle:
Sammy Lind

Intermediate Mandolin:
Caleb Klauder

Advanced Mandolin:
John Reischman

Beginning/Intermediate Ukulele:
Steve Roy

Claire Lynch

Lead and Harmony Singing:
Anne Louise Genest and Nadine Landry

Lets Jam! with Keith Yoder

Lets Jam! This class is open to all instruments:  guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, dobro and bass, for the strong beginner and up.  This will be a perfect fit  if you know your way around your instrument, but don't have much experience playing with others.  So many folks practice all year long on their own at home, and just need time playing with others in a supportive environment. This is a great way to improve quickly. Keith is a multi-instrumentalist and fantastic teacher, and will have everyone on the same page in no time!

Keith Yoder is a talented instructor and musician with an unconventional approach to music education.  Self-taught, he first picked up a guitar in high school and has since added numerous other instruments to the inventory he plays.  He has played for 35 years (and counting!) and has taught full-time since 1994.  Keith teaches and equips students on guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, resophonic guitar, bass, and drums.  An Iowa native, Keith loves time with his family, jamming with friends (old and new), watching documentaries on Netflix, eating the famed White Castle or Krystal burgers, and cheering for his sweet Minnesota Vikings.

Keith currently teaches private lessons in Knoxville, Tennessee and via the world wide web.  He has recorded several outstanding CDs and educational materials.  He has also taught at a vast array of camps including Steve Kaufman's Acoustic Camp, Colorado Roots Music Camp, Merlefest Jam Camp, and Walker Creek Music Camp, and is well loved at NimbleFingers (Yeah!).  Keith would love to meet you and pick some tunes!

Keith Yoder

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Guitar 101 with
Kayla Hotte

In Guitar 101, we'll focus on both the bluegrass and old time genres of music. We'll work on playing chords, as well as learning how to pick out simple, melody-based solos. We're going to learn about our roles while jamming, playing in bands, and accompanying singers. This class will delve into the often under-appreciated art that is rhythm guitar playing, and there will be lots of singing throughout.

To get the most out of Guitar 101, you are encouraged to be able to play the G, C, and D chord shapes and be able to switch between them somewhat fluently. Capos are recommended.


At 25 years old Edmonton, Alberta, based Kayla Hotte is certainly one of the fresher faces of bluegrass music, but don't let her age and innocence appearance fool you - this girl is a force to be reckoned with.

A graduate of Grant MacEwan University's music program, as well as the IBMA's Leadership Bluegrass program, Hotte is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who plays guitar, mandolin and fiddle.

Hotte's love of music was born at a young age and she's been performing for almost as long as she's been walking and talking. "I grew up playing bluegrass music. My whole family plays," she explains. Her musical career began with playing in a family bluegrass band and, as soon as she was old enough to do so, she started up her own group called Bluegrass Angels. That band eventually morphed into another called Shortgrass, then Kayla and Erin Show and, finally, her current project - Kayla Hotte and Her Rodeo Pals. Kayla is here this week with her brother and musical partner, Matt Hotte. 

Kayla Hotte


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Intermediate  Old Time and Country Rhythm Guitar with Reeb Willms

In Intermediate  Old Time and Country Rhythm Guitar we'll go deep into what it takes to provide rock-solid, clear and confident rhythm guitar in old time and country styles with specific attention to backing up a singer or fiddler.  Some things we will discuss and practice are: the boom-chuck, the importance of dynamics, using fills and bass lines to brighten up (but not clutter), the melody.  We'll work up some fat G-runs! We will explore alternate chord voicings using the capo.  the simple art of listening to the singer and/or the instruments around you will help you feel the beat, change the feel of the beat, swell and release the energy of the rhythm to give dynamics, shape and drive.  We will practice these concepts in class by listening to and learning songs and tunes to accompany. We will learn and practice how to hear and determine chord changes especially regarding old time fiddle tunes, which can be a challenge! We will also talk about different rhythm 'feels' on the guitar, how to push the beat, or make it feel more groovy. we will discuss the guitar player's role, and how it interacts with the other instruments, especially as to how we get in the pocket, and drive the rhythm!

I'm not so much a music theory oriented musician, though I will happily share what I know.  I teach aurally, and won't be using tabs.  I am also a singer, so we will likley be singing in class. While guitar will be our focus, if the class wants some singing instruction along with our guitar work, I can easily offer that as well. I love answering your questions. 

Prerequisites: Students should come with a guitar, tuned and ready of course, as well as a capo, and a should be somewhat comfortable playing with a flatpick, and changing between basic chord shapes. Please also bring paper, a writing utensil, and a recording device if you want to record. 



Reeb Willms hails from the high desert plateau of Central Washington and the small wheat farming town of Waterville. Music was a part of her childhood whether listening to music on the radio, or playing the piano.  Her early music exposure was to her dad and uncles singing old country songs. While singing was always a joy, Reeb didn't start singing publically and playing the guitar until her early twenties in Bellingham, WA where she lived for many years.  Her love of music began to unfold as she formed bands with musician friends she met there.  These were formative years and led her to a professional career in music.  She currently lives in Portland, OR and can be found touring internationally as a singer and guitar player with the Foghorn Stringband, the Caleb Klauder Country Band, and occasionally as a duo with Caleb Klauder.   

Foghorn Stringband
The Caleb Klauder Country Band

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Intermediate Flatpicking Guitar with Jarrod Walker


In this Intermediate  Flatpicking Guitar class we will focus on techniques often used in bluegrass guitar playing. Some of these will include crosspicking, chordal variations, licks, double stops, hammer ons, melodic solo building, and supporting vocalists through rhythm. We will explore approaches that will help develop your musical individuality as well as learn some standard fiddle tunes! 

Jarrod Walker has been recognized as a standout player ever since age twelve when he took his first gig with Tampa Bay’s Bluegrass Parlor Band, led by legendary promoter and WMNF radio personality Tom Henderson.  By age twelve he and brother-picker Cory Walker found themselves featured on a segment of ABC Country’s CMA Awards Special with Keith Urban as 2004’s winners of a “Young Musicians’” search.

In 2005 when Jarrod was age 13 he appeared on a nationally televised ABC special starring Ricky Skaggs, Earl Scruggs and Kix Brooks. The show featured him with brother Cory and other musical up-and-comers Austin and Christian Ward and Sarah Jarosz.  This led to an additional promotional piece on Good Morning America. That same year, Nashville’s NashCamp promoter Cindy Sinclair was so impressed with his and Cory’s skills that she arranged their first of several appearances on the Grand Ole Opry.

Jarrod was also featured in Mike Marshall’s Young American Mandolin Ensemble.  This elite group of seven young musicians was invited to perform with Mike at the Mandolines de Lunel festival in France in October 2007. Jarrod was invited back to the festival in 2010 alongside Josh Pinkham.

Before leaving for Nashville to pursue his BBA from Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU), Jarrod and Cory formed their first (albeit-short-lived) band called Mr. Steve’s Trampoline with pickin’ buddies Jake Stargel, Aaron Ramsey, Cody Martin and Nate LeathIn 2011 he took his first job with a national act; Missy Raines and the New Hip where he stayed for three years until his graduation from college.  As of late Fall of 2014, he had joined The Claire Lynch Band where you will find him today playing mandolin, lead guitar, and singing background vocals.

Claire Lynch Band

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Advanced Flatpicking Guitar
with Eli West

Advanced Flatpicking  Guitar with a focus on Improvisation

My favourite music uses both the right and left brain.  

Let's gain the right brain data of a melody, only to deconstruct it with the left brain and build thematic solos based on grounded improvisation.  Skill level is advanced, learning a melody by ear and visually (without charts, we'll be watching the fretboard).  We'll study music as dialogue language, soloing on top of each other, using arrangements based on a number of instruments, projection, and confidence/conviction on creativity.  Looking forward to it!


Eli West.jpg

Eli West is a Seattle based multi-instrumentalist. With an interest in angular phrasing and non-traditional improvisation within the historic precedents of bluegrass and old-time music, his guitar playing has been called both unique and strong.   He has released a solo record in 2016 including duets with Bill Frisell and John Reischman, and three records as half of the new/old-time duo Cahalen Morrison and Eli West.  He also collaborates with Ben Winship, Joe Walsh, Norwegian fiddler Olav Mjelva, and others.  

Eli grew up on the receiving end of music camps, and so it feels quite right to come full circle, teaching now at camps including RockyGrass, Targhee, Centrum VoiceWorks and NimbleFingers.  

Eli West

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Intermediate Bluegrass Banjo
with Isaac Callender

In Intermediate  Bluegrass Banjo  we'll be exploring up the neck and using different chord inversions, looking how to form convincing solos using both roll patterns and melodic ideas, and expanding our repertoire of bluegrass banjo classics. We will study and apply some basic music theory as well as covering backup techniques and styles. Learning will be mostly by ear but TAB will be provided along with video as needed. Come join me for lots of picking, singing, and joking!


Sand Coulee, Montana based Isaac Callender started playing the violin when he was three. He switched to fiddling when he was seven due to sibling rivalry, and started competing throughout North America. As a teenager, Isaac branched into playing guitar, mandolin, bass, banjo, dobro, and steel as well as pursuing different musical styles. He performed with the US Army 133rd Army Band, The April Verch Band, Trace County, Blue Pass, The Callenders,, Jeff Scroggins and Colorado touring around the world playing bluegrass, folk, country, rock, and old-time music.

Isaac is a popular workshop instructor and this will be his third time back to our camp!

Isaac Callender

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Advanced Bluegrass Banjo with
Matt Hotte

In Advanced Bluegrass Banjo we'll take an in depth look into bluegrass banjo exploring the stylistic cues of the greats, including Early Scruggs, Don Reno, Ralph Stanley and many more. We'll also dive into the in's and out's of of back-up, including licks and tricks for improving a songs colour. It will be a week filled with details on everything from improvisation, tunings, licks, songs and the styles of bluegrass banjo's best from old to new. 

Adrossan, Alberta born and raised Matt Hotte began playing fiddle at 4 years old and mandolin at 10 - and he's never looked back! He's always been a lover of traditional bluegrass music and music history. Matt started touring with a band called the Liberty Bluegrass Boys from Texas when he was 15 on banjo, and later a stint with The Gillis Brothers and then on to tour with Lost Highway from California on fiddle for 2 years. 

He's an extremely talented musician and teacher, and we're always glad to have him back. Matt also plays with sister Kayla in their band Kayla Hotte and her Rodeo Pals.

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Intermediate  Clawhammer Banjo with
Chris Coole

Intermediate Clawhammer Banjo This class is for people who have a basic understanding of the clawhammer style.  We'll begin with the three major right-hand techniques (basic strum, double thumb and drop thumb). We'll look at the mechanics of each, and how you can use them to construct tunes.  After that, depending on the interests of the class we'll look at such subjects as arranging tunes and playing variations, playing in alternate tunings, two-finger picking, as well as fiddle tune and song back-up. 


Chris Coole is a Toronto based musician who specializes in bluegrass and old-time music. He has recorded ten critically acclaimed cd’s with Arnie Naiman, Erynn Marhsall, The Banjo Special,The Foggy Hogtown Boys and Ivan Rosenberg. Over the years, Chris has performed at festivals and led workshops across North America, Europe and Israel.

His first solo album “Old Dog” was released in 2010 to warm reviews and drew attention to his intimate songwriting style. In 2016 he released “The Tumbling River”, a follow-up of highly narrative story songs featuring seven more originals, firmly establishing his reputation as a unique, and grounded songwriter. This is evidenced by the fact that his songs have been recorded by artists such as The Sweet Lowdown, Megan Lynch, Bill Evans, Jenny Whiteley, and Riley Baugus. 

Coole is a sought-after teacher of both banjo and guitar at workshops and festivals across Canada and the U.S.  His teaching approach is featured in the instructional DVD “The Elements of Clawhammer Banjo” (Woodhall Music).

Apart from his own albums, Chris can be heard as a sideman and/or producer on over 150 recordings by artists such as Sylvia Tyson, Jim Cuddy, Natalie MacMaster, Cara Luft, John Reishman, April Verch, Justin Rutledge, The Slocan Ramblers, and David Francey. 

Chris is a well loved NimbleFingers Instructor. Welcome back, Chris!

Chris Coole
Video - I Know Your Wandering Heart

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Advanced Clawhammer Banjo
with Mark Schatz


You should be comfortable the basic “bum-ditty” pattern. It would be helpful if you have some familiarity with double thumbing or drop thumb technique. I will use tablature in my instruction, and familiarity with reading tab would be helpful. But it is not a prerequisite if you are a quick learner and/or have some kind of recording device so you can record vital parts of the lessons and use that in lieu of tab when practicing in free time. 

  We will explore advanced double thumbing techniques in the pursuit of playing involved melodic renderings of fiddle tunes. I will offer exercises to help improves one’s command of melodic, scalar, and arpeggiated phrases. We will work on chordal backup both in the lower 5 frets and up the neck as well to accompany a vocalist, or provide rhythmic backup to a fiddle tune. 

 I am all about feel or groove, so there will be an eye on maintaining this as we explore some of the more involved techniques outlined above. We’ll be focused and serious, but we’ll have fun with each other and with this delightful instrument that I dearly love! 


Mark Schatz  is a prominent figure in the new acoustic music scene. Twice named IBMA Bass Player of the Year, and currently nominated every year since, he has worked and/or recorded with an impressive variety of artists including Bela Fleck, Jerry Douglas, Maura O'Connell, Tony Rice, John Hartford, Emmylou Harris, Linda Ronstadt, Tim & Mollie O'Brien and Nickel Creek. He also acts as Musical Director for the internationally-acclaimed Footworks Percussive Dance Ensemble, which showcases his other talents - clawhammer banjo and Southern Appalachian clog dancing.

He has two solo recordings, Brand New Old Tyme Way & Steppin' in the Boilerhouse, both on Rounder Records. He's also released two instructional bass videos on Homespun.

Claire Lynch Band

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Intermediate Bass with
Patrick Metzger

This Intermediate Bass class will look at the skills and techniques required to play in a band: varying left and right hand techniques to produce different sounds and avoid fatigue, playing in time, scales and keys, slapping, walking and interpreting bluegrass melodies on the bass.  We'll also cover a bit of bass related music/recording history to better understand why the bass sounds the way it does on our favourite recordings.  Students are encouraged to bring in any tunes tha they are working on or any technical questions they might have.  

Bassist Patrick Metzger took an interest in music at the age of twelve when he started playing rock & roll and blues with his friends in Nelson BC. He studied formally with Ron Mulvey, pursuing an interest in classical guitar through the Royal Conservatory of Music. Patrick went on to study jazz at Selkirk College and then at Capilano College. 

Patrick has always had an interest in all kinds of music and is at home playing a wide range of styles from jazz and rock to folk, bluegrass and old time. He has been a fixture of the Vancouver roots scene for the last decade; he is a member of John Reischman and Pine Siskins, Petunia and the Vipers, East Van Country Band and Viper Central. He s also works regularly with Paul Pigat (Cousin Harley) and Paul Rigby (Nico Case, Garth Hudson). 

In addition to teaching private music lessons, he also teaches bluegrass at the St James Music Academy and Ruby's Ukes in Vancouver, BC. Patrick will be performing this week with John Reischman and The Pine Siskins. Yeah!


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Intermediate Dobro with
Billy Cardine

Intermediate Dobro This class will examine the techniques, theory, repertoire and ear training necessary to move forward as a Dobro player.  This will be a very hands on class!  We will train our ears and hands to play truer notes.  We will closely examine melodies (fiddle tunes, lines from other instruments, etc) and reduce or transform them to make them even more comfortable for our instrument at quicker tempos while still retaining the original musical character.  We will dig into the many ways we can use the Dobro as a rhythm instrument, look at different and multiple positions on the neck (closed and open), hammer and pull moves, double and triple stops, minor chords, bass lines, bar positioning and pick angle, body ergonomics, etc.  We will play together and be happy!


Weaverville, North Carolina's Billy Cardine is an innovative, genre-blurring slide guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, touring artist, and educator.  He has performed at Carnegie Hall, The Kennedy Center, the Ryman Auditorium and major festivals, such as Bonnaroo, Merlefest and Rockygrass.  He is an internationally featured artist touring in India, Japan, and Europe. Billy's dobro playing was recently featured on a Jerry Douglas production, Southern Filibuster, honoring one of the forefathers of the Dobro.  Billy's unique stylings and expertise attracted innovative analog music mogul, Moog Music.  During 2010, he helped Moog design their first electric slide guitar, which he then debuted at MoogFest the following year.  Billy’s distinct voice on all things slide has lead him to collaborations with Led Zeppelin's own John Paul Jones and world renowned Edgar Meyer in his Porous Borders of Music.  Billy's productions have won national and international awards and recognition including Indie Acoustic Music Project’s Roots Album of the Year, Chicago Tribune’s Best Bluegrass records of the year and an Apple iPod Playlist Hot Pick.  His memorable compositions and exquisite playing have been featured on The History Channel's "Our Generation", BBC World's "Destination Music", and PBS' "RoadTrip Nation".  Billy's newest release for July of 2012 introduces the Dobro to Gypsy Jazz music in a ground-breaking album featuring an extraordinary band.

We're happy to welcome Billy back for 2 weeks again this year...yay!

Billy Cardine

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Intermediate Bluegrass Fiddle
with Trent Freeman

Hey, I'm Trent, and I'm going to teach you some of my favourite bluegrass fiddle tunes. We will then use these fiddle tunes to break down song structure, standard chord progressions and some bowing techniques. I teach by ear, and love finding interesting melodies that get stuck in your head. 

Another major focus of my class will be improvisation.  We'll cover many different approaches to improvising, and leave you equipped with a very functional too box to take a break on a fiddle tune, or back up a singer. 



Trent Freeman is an innovative violin player, whose unique blend of deep groove, in depth harmony, captivating melodies and personal writing style set him apart from many others. His versatility makes him a sought after session musician and side man, and he has played for projects ranging in style from funk, hip-hop, R&B, jazz, soul and gospel, to rock, classical, country, bluegrass and folk.

His 2012 Canadian Folk Music Award winning album Rock Paper Scissors is an all-original, folk/jazz instrumental album for piano, bass, drums and violin. The writing and performances are vibrant and creative as Trent’s fiddle takes the band and the listener to unexpected and exciting places.

Over the past few years, Trent has toured and recorded with many bands and artists such as the Wailin Jennys, John Reischman, Jessie Farrell, The Griffins, Wyclef Jean, The Fretless and countless others.  The Fretless recently won a Western Canadian Music Award for best instrumental album of 2012.

Trent is a returning instructor to NimbleFingers. Glad to have you back! He'll be performing this week with John Reischman and The Pine Siskins.

Trent Freeman

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Advanced Bluegrass Fiddle with
Bryan McDowell

In the Advanced Bluegrass Fiddle class, we'll be familiarizing ourselves with some different styles and approaches to fiddling, learning supporting roles for collaborative/band playing, tackling some of the thought processes behind improvisation, and studying technique and the tools to help any player reach their personal potential. Some time may also be taken to suggest good listening material for the dedicated musician. Come prepared for a positive, enjoyable experience!"


Still a young man, Bryan McDowell already holds an impressive talent far exceeding his years. He is a gifted vocalist and instrumentalist whose musicianship is immediately evidenced by the listener. Raised in western North Carolina, McDowell took up fiddle at an early age, and developed his craft performing with his sister and family at regional venues. During his teenage years, he acquired proficiency on several other instruments.

In 2009 at the age of 17, Bryan turned from performing to competing. Over the following two years, he amassed 21 first place finishes at some of the nation's most prestigious acoustic competitions, and pulled off several festival “sweeps.” The most notable of these was an unprecedented triple-win at the Walnut Valley Festival - home of the National Flatpicking competitions in Winfield, KS - where he earned first prize in the flatpicking guitar, fiddle and mandolin categories in a single weekend.

In January 2012, he became a member of the Claire Lynch Band, and successfully made the leap from competitions to professional touring. Since relocating to Nashville in 2013, he has also enjoyed working with Sierra Hull, Ron Block, Alison Brown, Bryan Sutton, Tony Rice, Josh Turner, and many others. Twice nominated for an IBMA Momentum award, his work can be heard on his 2010 solo EP, three acclaimed albums with the Claire Lynch Band and most-recently with Section House, an all-star congregation of top young players on Mountain Fever Records.

Clarie Lynch Band

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Intermediate Old-Time Fiddle with
Rosalyn Dennett

In this class for intermediate fiddlers, we will learn repertoire in both standard and ‘cross-tuning’. We’ll discuss, with demonstrations, the idiosyncrasies of alternate tunings, and the tunes they sound great with. Rhythmic, melodic, and harmonic variation will be taught, as well as bowing patterns that exemplify different Appalachian fiddle styles. Material will be on the ‘jam-friendly’ side, and if there is interest, we can look at accompaniment techniques for fiddle and voice (your own or someone else’s!). All lessons will be taught by ear, and all students are encouraged to bring an audio or video (cellphone’s fine) recording device. Time will be made during each class for students to record the repertoire slowly, and in detail. 


Rosalyn Dennett is a fiddler, singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist from Winnipeg, Manitoba. She established herself on the international roots scene through her role as one of the founding members of the highly acclaimed quartet Oh My Darling. With four nominated albums, headlining four international tours, and sold out shows across the country, she moved to Toronto to pursue her love of traditional music. Some of her projects include Ken Whiteley & the Beulah Band, Whitebrow, Pigeonhawk Stringband, Evans & Dennett (duo with Frank Evans), Hannah Shira Naiman, Dennett & deGroot (duo with Allison deGroot), Bon Fer Cajun Band, and many more. Rosalyn has had the pleasure of performing with Donovan Woods, David Francey, The Fugitives, Zachary Lucky, Kaia Kater, Tim O'Brien, Dirk Powell, Adam Cohen, Valerie June, the Crooked Brothers, and has recorded on over 20 albums.

As a teacher, Rosalyn has given workshops in fiddle playing at the Maverick Festival (UK), European World of Bluegrass Festival (NL), Winnipeg Folk Festival (MB), Home Routes (YK), Summerfolk (ON). She has taught in fiddle programs for the Frontier Fiddlers, Manitoba Conservatory of Music & Arts Outreach Program, and Sistema Toronto.

Rosalyn Dennett

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Advanced Old-Time Fiddle with
Sammy Lind

I like to teach fiddle by jumping right in and teaching tunes.  With old time fiddling, the bowing is probably the most important factor.  There is a lot of syncopation in old time fiddling rhythm, so this will be the focus of every tune.  So I'll start by teaching tunes that have a repetitive bowing pattern throughout both the A and B parts and we'll mover on to other tunes that just vary slightly in their patterns.  After a few tunes are learned this way and certain bowing patterns recognized, it should be easier to hear these rhythms in other tunes and should be helpful for learning new tunes.  This is an advanced class, so we may even work on certain solo pieces, ones that are too crooked to play in a jam session, aka "jam busters".

I will be teaching tunes in standard tuning (GDAE) for G, C, E and F tunes.  High Bass tuning (ADAE) for certain D tunes and A modal tunes, and cross tuning (AEAE) for A tunes. 

Students must be comfortable with the fiddle and have a general knowledge of what 'old time' fiddle is and have a few tunes they feel comfortable leading in a jam session or playing for a square dance.  Also, students must be open to 'cross-tuning' the fiddles to get that authentic 'old-time' sound.  Many students find a recording device really helpful, so bring an audio and/or  visual recorder if one will be helpful later for personal use and not too distracting to the student or others in the class. 

Born in Minnesota, Sammy Lind has established himself as one of the most critically acclaimed old time musicians in the world.  He spent many years in Portland, Oregon, where he co-founded the Foghorn Stringband in the year 2000 with some pals who shared a similar passion for traditional music.  Sammy has traveled the world plsying and teaching a vast repertoire of tunes from Appalachia and the Midwest. His playing reflects tremendous respect and passion for all the fiddle players and old recordings he spent countless hours learning from and a power that only domes from years playing for dances.  After a few years up in Whitehorse, Yukon, Sammy has settled in eastern Quebec, in the village of Pointe-à-la-Croix, with his wife/bandmate Nadine Landry.

Sammy has taught at the Festival of American Fiddle Tunes, Augusta Old Time Week, Ashokan Southern Week, Minnesota Bluegrass and Old Time Festival and camp, Sorrento British Columbia Bluegrass Workshop, Yukon Woodshed, California Bluegrass Association's Summer and Winter Camps, Sioux River Folk Festival, Indiana Fiddler's Festival, Fiddle Fair in Ireland, Open House Festival in Ireland, Rainforest World Music Festival in Malaysia, Harrietville Bluegrass Festival in Austalia, NimbleFingers, and Many more. He also has two instructional DVD's available on the Foghorn Stringband's website. 

So happy to have you back, Sammy!

Foghorn Stringband
Sammy and Nadine

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Intermediate Mandolin
with Caleb Klauder

Ride The Old time Tidal Wave

As a mandolin payer I’m sure you've found yourself thinking “this is awesome, I love the mandolin”. Well, it is awesome and in this Intermediate Mandolin class we are gonna learn how to dive deep into that awesomeness and get on that old time tidal wave and ride. We will learn by ear and by repetition and by exploring an overall mandolin playing technique. These are the tools that we need for paying fast, for picking up tunes quickly and for jumping into jams. I will teach instrumental tunes and I will also share some ideas for song back up playing, both melodic and chordal. I think the first thing you need to do to play old time mandolin is to listen to a lot of traditional fiddle and mandolin music. Try to listen to Fiddlers like, Steven Sammy Lind, John Ashby, Garry Harrison, or John Morgan Salyer. Listen to mandolin payers like Bill Monroe, Mike Compton, Mike Seeger and Frank Wakefield. Listen to how the music moves and to the patterns of starts and endings. Listening will give you a base for what sounds and feel we are going for. Once we know what we are going for all we have to do is teach our fingers what to do. Simple, right? Fun, right? Next thing you know you'll be in the middle of a jam riding the old time tidal wave. I’ll see you in class and in the campground. Bring an audio recording device. 


Caleb Klauder is a fixture the US Northwest music scene. Caleb has been touring nationally and internationally for over 20 years, first with acclaimed folk-rock band Calobo, a luminary in the Northwest’s burgeoning music scene, and then with the widely celebrated (and here this week!) Foghorn Stringband. He's got his own Country Band and as well has a fantastic new release out with his partner in crime, Reeb Willms.

Raised on Orcas Island, Washington and now living in Portland, Oregon, Caleb is a true Northwesterner, yet his maternal family roots lay in East Tennessee. His mother, originally from Knoxville, along with his father and sister, moved the family out west when Caleb was only a year old. These deep family roots contribute to Calebʼs music, tapping into old memories to bring you the strong singing and spirited attitude that give his music an edge that is both cutting and sweet.

He's a multi-talented and busy artist, and we're thrilled he'll be here at NimbleFingers again this year!

Foghorn Stringband
Caleb Klauder Country Band

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Advanced Mandolin
with John Reischman

Advanced Mandolin - Old Time to New Acoustic In this class we will learn advanced mandolin techniques by studying some of my original tunes and other instrumentals from my repertoire. For example; to work on double stops and tremolo we will learn The North Shore. For uptempo bluegrass style playing we will learn Big Bug and Side by Each. For single note fiddle tunes we will learn Itzbin Reel and Cazadero. For more progressive Bluegrass and New Acoustic music with more complicated chord progressions we will learn Birdland Breakdown. We might even touch on Jazz chord melody by looking at Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

We will also study back up techniques for vocal numbers, chordal accompaniment, improvisation, and tone production.


As one of the acoustic worldʼs top-ranked mandolin players and composers, Vancouver based veteran artist John Reischman is renowned for his exquisite taste, tone and impeccable musicianship. His mastery of the instrument is showcased today in the powerful bluegrass band John Reischman and the Jaybirds, and his melodic Latin/jazz instrumental duo with highly regarded acoustic guitar stylist John Miller.

A familiar figure at bluegrass, folk and jazz festivals, John is also a highly-regarded workshop leader and participates in music camps (including NimbleFingers!) and workshops throughout North America and England.

John Reischman
John Reischman and The Jaybirds

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Beginning/Intermediate Ukulele
with Steve Roy

This workshop assumes that you already know some of the most common ukulele chords  - C, F, G, etc  We'll get used to reading chord charts and singing along while playing, explore different strumming patterns, and also try plucking out melodies and reading tablature.. We'll also talk about a little bit of music theory,  see how chords fit into the common keys, and how to use a capo.  we'll be focusing on songs and tunes from the bluegrass and old-time  repertoires so that you'll be able to fit right into the NimbleFingers jamming scene!

Coffee Steve.jpg

Steve Roy is a multi-instrumentalist from the New Hampshire Seacoast. Known primarily as an upright bass player, but also a fantastic Ukulele player, he has performed and toured internationally with a myriad of bluegrass's top artists, including Laurie Lewis and Tom Rozum, Darol Anger, Joy Kills Sorrow, Frank Solivan and Dirty Kitchen, Hit and Run Bluegrass, Chris Stuart and Backcountry, Spring Creek Bluegrass, The Brakemen, and many more.. He also leads the exploratory jazz group Jazzputin and the Jug Skunks, and performs around New England with a wide variety of bands, including Erica Brown and the Bluegrass Connection, the Stowaways, Grassputin, Steve and Dave Play Dead, High Range, Spinal Tarp, and many others. 

He is a faculty member at 317 Main St. Community Music Center in Yarmouth, ME and at the Portsmouth Music and Arts Center in Portsmouth, NH, teaching bass, mandolin, fiddle, guitar, and ensembles. Steve has also been featured as an instructor at many of the top bluegrass and music camps (including many years at NimbleFingers!)  in the US and Canada. Just to add a wee bit of icing on the proverbial cake, Steve is also a professional archaeologist with field experience in the Northeast US and Central America. Dude!

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Songwriting with Claire Lynch


Have you ever heard a successful songwriter say they “downloaded a song from the universe?”

Relaxed, expansive, contemplative, humorous, playful – are these words that describe your songwriting process? Come explore what that creative process can be like.

Then, discover what post-inspiration tools to use that will craft your song in a colourful way -true to your intent, and effective in delivering your message to others.


Long recognized and praised as a creative force in acoustic music, Claire Lynch is a pioneer who continually pushes the boundaries of the bluegrass genre. Her career has been decorated with many accolades including three GRAMMY nominations, six International Bluegrass Music Association awards and the prestigious United States Artists Walker Fellowship.

Dolly Parton credits Claire with "one of the sweetest, purest and best lead voices in the music business today." Her harmonies have graced the recordings of many stellar musicians. Equally gifted as a writer, her songs have been recorded by The Seldom Scene, Patty Loveless, Kathy Mattea, Cherryholmes, The Whites and others.

In September 2016, Claire released North By South – a tribute to America’s northern neighbor which resulted in her third GRAMMY nomination for Best Bluegrass Album. Produced by Compass Records’ co-founder Alison Brown, the recording pays homage to some of her favorite Canadian songwriters, interpreting tracks from greats above the Great Lakes like Gordon Lightfoot and Ron Sexsmith. Backed by the CLB alumni and some of the world’s finest acoustic heavyweights (Bela Fleck, Jerry Douglas, Stuart Duncan, David Grier), Lynch infuses the collection with her signature Bluegrass treatment producing an elegant blend of foreign songs and domestic artistry.

Lynch’s Canadian leanings all started when a fan’s email suggested places for her to play in Toronto. When she emailed back, it sparked a long correspondence about Canada’s culture, history and diverse art scene. She eventually did score a gig in Toronto and what’s better, she fell in love with her pen pal leading to their marriage in 2014. North By South is the product of a growing love for Canada that is now one of the centerpieces of Lynch’s life.

As one observer writes, “Listening to Claire Lynch sing is not something to be undertaken casually. Her songs and stage presence demand the listener’s rapt attention. She’s an intensely soulful singer, whose distinctive voice resonates with power and strength, yet retains an engaging innocence and crystalline purity. She’s also a songwriter of extraordinary ability who can bring listeners to their feet with her buoyant rhythms or to their knees with her sometimes almost unbearably poignant and insightful lyrics.” 

Um, can we say EXCITED!!!

Claire Lynch

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Lead and Harmony Singing with Anne Louise Genest and Nadine Landry

If you love to sing and want to explore lead and harmony vocals in a safe, supportive, and fun environment, then this Lead and Harmony Singing workshop  is the place for you! Working with repertoire drawn from bluegrass, old time, country, and Cajun archives, we’ll look at the finer points of lead and harmony singing, including breathing and vocal production, exploring your vocal range, singing solo and lead parts, how to find harmony parts, and how to “blend” with other voices when harmonizing. We’ll also spend time exploring these musical styles from a vocal perspective, with an emphasis on how to use tone and inflection to sing within the conventions of these musical traditions. 

We’ll look at solo, duet, trio, and quartet harmonies, as well as call and response. Everyone will have the opportunity to learn lead, tenor, and baritone parts, and we’ll spend time singing all together and in small groups. We’re really looking forward to doing some singing with you!

Vancouver Island based Anne Louise Genest, who performs under the stage name Annie Lou, has been touring major festivals and stages nationally and internationally for several years. Drawn to the haunting flavours of old time mountain, bluegrass, and traditional country music, her original songs are steeped in these influences and chronicle the hard-hit, hard-won victories of everymen and women. Her latest recording, Tried and True, includes collaborations with some of the best of Canadian acoustic musicians and showcases her ongoing evolution as an artist, with deep nods to the older music and a modern feel that connects the past to the present.

A Juno and multiple Canadian Folk Music Award nominee, Anne Louise is becoming a familiar face at many music workshops across the country, where she has taught vocals, guitar, songwriting, and clawhammer banjo. She loves to teach, and to learn, and shares that joy with her students in an accessible and supportive environment. 

Annie Lou
Video - Tried and True

Nadine Landry was born and raised in a musical family on the Gaspe Peninsula on the east coast of Quebec. Equally comfortable on guitar and upright bass, she has leant her talents to various bands ranging from old time to honky tonk to swing and Cajun. Described as deeply passionate and powerful, her voice has been capturing the hearts of fans across North America, Ireland, England, Scandinavia and Australia. She's here this week with Foghorn Stringband, and her hubby Sammy Lind. 

Welcome back, Nadine!

Foghorn Stringband
Nadine and Sammy


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